Devil costume

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Wear a red dress paired with some devil ears (of course) and some red or black ballet flats


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For the makeup, rub some foundation on your face. With the liquid liner, draw a messy wing pointing upwards, then rub the tip of the wings to create this scary effect. Use dark brown eyeshadow to add some dirt onto your face. You will need to brush some strokes anywhere on your face. Then blend it together with a beauty blender. You will need a red lipstick or liquid lipstick to spice up the devil look. Finally,  use a black lip liner to draw lines on top of the lips to create this spooky and dirty devil look.



How to be a morning person

I know this is random, but school is almost around the corner, so we can’t avoid waking up early for school. If you are still a zombie in the morning, here are 5 simple tips on how to be a morning person.

No. 1

No electronics 20 minutes before bed~

If you go on electronics right before bed, your mind will still be stimulated, this makes it harder to fall asleep. Instead, grab a novel and read. This makes your mind feel relaxed and makes you more tired.

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No. 2

Set an alarm~

Setting an alarm in the morning makes you alert to get out of bed. DO NOT snooze your alarm because this will make you go back to bed and you will end up being late for school. Instead,  put your alarm on the other side of the room, so you will have to walk up and turn it off as soon as it goes off . If that doesn’t work, try using a maths alarm from the app called ‘Mathe alarm clock,’ that way to turn off your clock,  you need to answer some maths questions.


No. 3

Chug on some cold water~

Chugging on cold water will make you feel refreshed and more awake.

(This water is not sponsored)

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No. 4

Make your bed~

Making your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment and after making that bed, you won’t be able to go back to sleep because your bed is already made.

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No. 5 

Start fresh~

Forget about all the negative stuff that happened the day before and start fresh. Think of something positive to look forward to during the day.

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My instagram secrets

If you want to upper your instagram game, keep reading this blog!

Make sure you follow my blog account @lifewithisabellasalonga and my main account @isabellasalonga.

Simple tips~

  • To take the perfect selfie, lighting is so essential to make it perfect. Natural lighting from the sun makes the selfie perfect and is better than using artificial lighting as it usually makes your photos yellow. Stand in front of the window to take your selfie.

Here are the results…

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  • When your going to take a picture of your food and the lighting is dark, get your family or friends to switch on their flashlight on their phones. This makes a huge difference!
  • When your out and a bout, keep your eye out for cute instagram photo opportunities. Inspiration is everywhere!


How to master the flatlay~

  • Master the flatlay using any cute objects you like in your home. eg. Candles, succulent plants, flowers, coffee, makeup, macbook, books, palm leaves etc.
  • Keep your flatlay photo in a square format so you don’t end up cutting off some of your photos when posting it on instagram
  • It’s best to take you flatlay in a bird’s eye view
  • Use different variety of backrounds (like blanket, your bed, coffee table, mat etc.) for your flatlay

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Apps used for editing~


VSCO Cam is my go to app for editing photos. My favourite thing about the app is the filter, I use filter HB1.

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How I edit~

Filter: HB1

Exposure: +1

Contrast: +1

Clarity: +4

Sharpen: +2

Saturation: -2

Highlights save: +4

Shadow save: +2




I usually use snapseed to whiten or brighten certain areas of my photos with the selective tool. I slide my finger to the right to upper the brightness.

Here are the differences



Things to do when you’re bored

Never tell your parents that you’re bored, because they might tell you to do some homework or tell you to clean your bedroom. Instead go read this blog to turn your boring day into a fun and exciting day.


Make some money~

Get together with some friends and find something to help out with in the neighbourhood such as walking your neighbours dog, washing your neighbour’s or parent’s car, baby sitting or you could even just bake some cookies and sell them to your neighbours.



Paint your nails like crazy~

Finally there is no school, that means no uniform rules such as ‘no nail polish allowed.’ Go crazy and artistic with colours and stickers for your nails.

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Do some colouring in~

No one never gets too old to colour in because  luckily there are coluring sheets for adults. You can find some coluring sheets in a colouring bood you can purchase at the supermarket or you can print one from the internet. Coluring in just helps you to relax and to eliminate stress. Just play some relaxing spa music in the background and you good to go.

Untitled pictureqwertyuikjhg.png

No. 4

Play powerpuff yourself (online game)~

Playing powerpuff yourself keeps your mind busy from stress and work, this game is also addictive so this might make you spend hours customising your powerpuff avatar. This never gets boring! Here’s the link: http://www.powerpuffyourself.com



Take some instagram photos~

Photo booth~

Why not invite your friends over and have a cool tumblr inspired pictures. Make a DIY photo booth using tissue paper or fabric to use as the background of your photobooth and print some cool photo booth props to make the photo shoot extra crazy.



Make a flatlay~

Find some tumblr items in your home such as books, candles, headphones, laptop, knitted socks, mugs of coffee or tea, succulent plants etc, and cuctomise their positioning on a cute bed, table, rug etc.




Things to do at sleepovers

To help you throw the BEST sleepover ever, there are 5 fun and exciting ideas to do during sleepovers. I hope these ideas inspire you, enjoy!


Play truth or dare~


Click here to print

Playing truth or dare is the greatest opportunity to find out your friend’s most juicest truths & secrets and to laugh at them doing your dare.

No. 2

Blind folded makeup~

Blind folded makeovers helps put sleepovers over the top as it is a fun and messy activity.



  1. Divide each other in different teams
  2. Pick one person in each team to be blindfolded
  3. The blinded folded person in each team has to put makeup on their team member in 20 minutes
  4. The team with the best makeover wins.

No. 3

Cupcake fondue~

What could possibly be better than having a cupcake fondue at a sleepover? Maybe a shopping spree, nah, cupcake fondue is as good as that.


What you need:

  • Mini cupcakes (any flavour)
  • Different colours of icing
  • Different varieties of toppings (spinkles, choc chips etc).
  • Skewer or straws to place the cupcake on.

Go crazy with the toppings and icing to show your reflection of happiness!

No. 4

Setup a photo booth at home~

Create beautiful and cool memories of your fantastic sleepovers by setting up a photo booth and taking cute pictures. These pictures will not only make great memories, but it will make really cute instagram photos.


No. 5

Setup a hot chocolate bar~

Finish the night off with a relaxing and cozy hot chocolate. But its not just any ordinary hot chocolate, it’s a hot chocolate with the display of your own creativity with the toppings.

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Study Hacks

Explore my study hacks to make studying simpler, easier and more modivating.

No. 1

DIY mini white board~


These DIY whiteboards are so easy to make, you just need a picture frame, patterned paper and a white board marker. These are life savers as the whiteboards help us to remember particular study notes. The white boards can also be used as a to do list, to remind you to get something done ASAP.

No. 2

Treats paragraph method~


How the treats paragraph method works is, you have to put a treat next to each paragraph. After you finish reading each paragraph you eat your treat. This method is just a modivational method as you reward yourself while studying at the same time.

No. 3

Record yourself reading your study notes~


Record yourself reading your notes and listen to it. Or even upload it on your phone or ipod so you can listen to it whilist sleeping so the study notes sinks into your head.

No. 4

Use cold turkey~


Use cold turkey, it will help you block distractions like social media or youtube whilist your studying and it’s free to install on your laptop. Cold Turkey will just help you to focus on your studies instead of focusing on irrevalent stuff on the internet. How it works is that you type down on block lists the websites you are tempted to go whilist studying. Next you set the date and time period of when you need your favourite websites to be blocked. That’s all.

Here is the website to download cold turkey: https://getcoldturkey.com/

No. 5

Doodle your study notes~


You have to admit that most of us of visual learners, meaning that we learn through pictures. If its that case, draw a diagram and go crazy with colours and doodles of your study notes, it will help you to memorise the notes easily.



DIY Paper Palm Leaves

unnamed (3)

These paper palm leaves will be perfect for flatlays and room decor:


Draw the palm leaf on  a piece of A4 paper, you can either free hand your’s or trace one from the internet

unnamed (2)


Paint your palm leaf with watercolured paint.



Cut out your palm leaf

unnamed (1)


Life with Isabella Birthday series: Free party printables

Free party flags printable~

Decorate your party with these beautiful party flags.

What you need

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  1. Print the party flags
  2. Cut out the party flags banner
  3. Hole Punch the circles on the party flags
  4. Thread the twine through the holes of the party flags

Free invitation printables~

You won’t believe how better the invitations look than the invitations from the stores, plus the invitations are for free!

Untitled design (2)

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