Study Hacks

Explore my study hacks to make studying simpler, easier and more modivating.

No. 1

DIY mini white board~


These DIY whiteboards are so easy to make, you just need a picture frame, patterned paper and a white board marker. These are life savers as the whiteboards help us to remember particular study notes. The white boards can also be used as a to do list, to remind you to get something done ASAP.

No. 2

Treats paragraph method~


How the treats paragraph method works is, you have to put a treat next to each paragraph. After you finish reading each paragraph you eat your treat. This method is just a modivational method as you reward yourself while studying at the same time.

No. 3

Record yourself reading your study notes~


Record yourself reading your notes and listen to it. Or even upload it on your phone or ipod so you can listen to it whilist sleeping so the study notes sinks into your head.

No. 4

Use cold turkey~


Use cold turkey, it will help you block distractions like social media or youtube whilist your studying and it’s free to install on your laptop. Cold Turkey will just help you to focus on your studies instead of focusing on irrevalent stuff on the internet. How it works is that you type down on block lists the websites you are tempted to go whilist studying. Next you set the date and time period of when you need your favourite websites to be blocked. That’s all.

Here is the website to download cold turkey:

No. 5

Doodle your study notes~


You have to admit that most of us of visual learners, meaning that we learn through pictures. If its that case, draw a diagram and go crazy with colours and doodles of your study notes, it will help you to memorise the notes easily.