Things to do at sleepovers

To help you throw the BEST sleepover ever, there are 5 fun and exciting ideas to do during sleepovers. I hope these ideas inspire you, enjoy!


Play truth or dare~


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Playing truth or dare is the greatest opportunity to find out your friend’s most juicest truths & secrets and to laugh at them doing your dare.

No. 2

Blind folded makeup~

Blind folded makeovers helps put sleepovers over the top as it is a fun and messy activity.



  1. Divide each other in different teams
  2. Pick one person in each team to be blindfolded
  3. The blinded folded person in each team has to put makeup on their team member in 20 minutes
  4. The team with the best makeover wins.

No. 3

Cupcake fondue~

What could possibly be better than having a cupcake fondue at a sleepover? Maybe a shopping spree, nah, cupcake fondue is as good as that.


What you need:

  • Mini cupcakes (any flavour)
  • Different colours of icing
  • Different varieties of toppings (spinkles, choc chips etc).
  • Skewer or straws to place the cupcake on.

Go crazy with the toppings and icing to show your reflection of happiness!

No. 4

Setup a photo booth at home~

Create beautiful and cool memories of your fantastic sleepovers by setting up a photo booth and taking cute pictures. These pictures will not only make great memories, but it will make really cute instagram photos.


No. 5

Setup a hot chocolate bar~

Finish the night off with a relaxing and cozy hot chocolate. But its not just any ordinary hot chocolate, it’s a hot chocolate with the display of your own creativity with the toppings.

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