Things to do when you’re bored

Never tell your parents that you’re bored, because they might tell you to do some homework or tell you to clean your bedroom. Instead go read this blog to turn your boring day into a fun and exciting day.


Make some money~

Get together with some friends and find something to help out with in the neighbourhood such as walking your neighbours dog, washing your neighbour’s or parent’s car, baby sitting or you could even just bake some cookies and sell them to your neighbours.



Paint your nails like crazy~

Finally there is no school, that means no uniform rules such as ‘no nail polish allowed.’ Go crazy and artistic with colours and stickers for your nails.

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Do some colouring in~

No one never gets too old to colour in because  luckily there are coluring sheets for adults. You can find some coluring sheets in a colouring bood you can purchase at the supermarket or you can print one from the internet. Coluring in just helps you to relax and to eliminate stress. Just play some relaxing spa music in the background and you good to go.

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No. 4

Play powerpuff yourself (online game)~

Playing powerpuff yourself keeps your mind busy from stress and work, this game is also addictive so this might make you spend hours customising your powerpuff avatar. This never gets boring! Here’s the link:



Take some instagram photos~

Photo booth~

Why not invite your friends over and have a cool tumblr inspired pictures. Make a DIY photo booth using tissue paper or fabric to use as the background of your photobooth and print some cool photo booth props to make the photo shoot extra crazy.



Make a flatlay~

Find some tumblr items in your home such as books, candles, headphones, laptop, knitted socks, mugs of coffee or tea, succulent plants etc, and cuctomise their positioning on a cute bed, table, rug etc.