My instagram secrets

If you want to upper your instagram game, keep reading this blog!

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Simple tips~

  • To take the¬†perfect selfie, lighting is so essential to make it perfect. Natural lighting from the sun makes the selfie perfect and is better than using artificial lighting as it usually makes your photos yellow. Stand in front of the window to take your selfie.

Here are the results…

unnamed (18).jpg

  • When your going to take a picture of your food and the lighting is dark, get your family or friends to switch on their flashlight on their phones. This makes a huge difference!
  • When your out and a bout, keep your eye out for cute instagram photo opportunities. Inspiration is everywhere!


How to master the flatlay~

  • Master the flatlay using any cute objects you like in your home. eg. Candles, succulent plants, flowers, coffee, makeup, macbook, books, palm leaves etc.
  • Keep your flatlay photo in a square format so you don’t end up cutting off some of your photos when posting it on instagram
  • It’s best to take you flatlay in a bird’s eye view
  • Use different variety of backrounds (like blanket, your bed, coffee table, mat etc.) for your flatlay

unnamed (16).jpg

Apps used for editing~


VSCO Cam is my go to app for editing photos. My favourite thing about the app is the filter, I use filter HB1.

Displaying IMG_5679.jpg

How I edit~

Filter: HB1

Exposure: +1

Contrast: +1

Clarity: +4

Sharpen: +2

Saturation: -2

Highlights save: +4

Shadow save: +2




I usually use snapseed to whiten or brighten certain areas of my photos with the selective tool. I slide my finger to the right to upper the brightness.

Here are the differences